Pull the plug to save money!

Home Gas is making it even easier for you to enjoy the many benefits of using propane appliances by offering several flexible financing options to suit your budget. Whether you choose to cook like the professionals on a new gas range, or dry your laundry in a fabric-friendly propane clothes dryer, or heat your water efficiently with a tankless water heater, you’ll love the lowered energy costs!

Get started for only $124.99 down.

For only $124.99 down and 11 more monthly payments, qualified buyers can choose from a new gas range, dryer or tankless water heater. All appliances are priced the same — starting from $124.99 down — and include standard installation plus a filled 200-lb tank of gas.  If you’d like to save even more off your energy costs, and enjoy the convenience that multiple propane appliances offer, you may choose one or more appliances in a package so that you can start saving more money that much sooner. Just ask for a FREE consultation from one of our Energy Specialists to get a customized solution. We offer free estimates for both residential and commercial customers based on your budget and the right gas solution for you.

Professional installation from our Home Gas Service team.

Find out how easy and cost-effective it is to switch to gas. Trust our fully trained Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) technicians to install the perfect propane system for you. Home Gas will handle the required permitting for your installation and ensure it meets all required fire code standards for your safety.

We are here for you.

Home Gas will work with you from the ground up in the early planning stages of your new home, or we can just as easily help you figure out the best way to retrofit and upgrade to the energy savings and convenience only propane appliances offer. Just give us a call at 345.949.7474 to arrange your free consultation today.