100lb Cylinder System Installation

The most common type of LP Gas container is the propane cylinder which ranges widely in size and use. Home Gas offers free home and business delivery on 100-lb cylinders, also known as exchange cylinders. These types of cylinders are mainly used to power a single appliance in the home such as a gas stove.

Many homeowners have benefitted from having two cylinders on hand to ensure they never run out of propane. We call this the Twin Cylinder Advantage because it provides continuous propane service — when one cylinder empties, the second cylinder is available to resume cooking. With an automatic changeover regulator installed into your system, the process of switching from one cylinder to the next happens on its own.

Propane is one of the safest fuels you can use when the system has been installed according to the codes governing its safe usage. Home Gas professionally trained and CETP certified installation technicians take the utmost care in ensuring your cylinder installation is safe.

Each 100-lb propane cylinder is visually inspected prior to filling to ensure it is within the twelve year time period from its original manufacture date. Cylinders outside of this time limit are then requalified for additional use.

If you are already a Home Gas customer and would like to order a 100-lb cylinder of gas delivered free of charge to your home or business, please use the form below.