100-lb cylinders are mainly used to power a single appliance in the home such as a gas stove. An installation of two 100-lb cylinders side by side adds up to twice the convenience for our customers. Having twin cylinders is a great way to ensure you will not run out of gas in the middle of cooking or drying clothes. Instead when one cylinder runs out the spare can be turned on, providing you time to order a new cylinder from Home Gas.


    These larger individual tanks are excellent for home or business systems. This type of storage is one of the most convenient energy sources on the available, as it is equipped with a gauge showing the level of gas in the tank at all times.


    If repairs need to be performed on your propane tank or system, our licensed certified Home Gas technician can provide the required repairs or maintenance. Propane plumbing and piping systems consist of everything between the gas tank and the gas appliance. This typically includes the regulator, underground gas line, the interior gas plumbing, and the propane valves at the wall.


    Proper installation and maintenance is a must to keep your propane system running properly. Our professionally trained technicians will meet with you at your home or business to assess your installation or appliance for maintenance or repair to help you determine which options are best to meet your needs.