Lighting & Fire Tables

Gas Tiki Lights are a great addition to any backyard or patio area.The torch’s flame will burn at a consistent height for the entire evening and can be ignited with the use of a master valve with the push of a button or from a remote control.  Home Gas carries Tiki torches made of corrosion resistant materials such as copper, brass, or stainless steel. This is especially important in Cayman where the salt air would otherwise eat away at the fittings of a typical disposable type torch.

Fire features, such as fire pits, fire pit tables and urns add special ambience to any outside area. There are many advantages to a gas fire feature. They offer a safe controlled burn, which is both easy to ignite and shut off — all with the click of a switch. Gas fire features are convenient and practical to use and they are eco-friendly in so far as their emissions are 85% water vapour and propane is non-toxic and clean burning. Entertain your friends and family with the beauty of a dancing fire flame to bring about relaxation and enjoyment.


The beauty of a tiki torch against the evening sky brings a special ambience to any outdoor entertainment area. Easily lit with the flick of a remote control, tiki torches bring both light and delight to your outdoor areas. Home Gas offers a full range of tiki torches suited for your particular needs. If you are thinking about building a home and would like a free estimate on the options for outdoor gas-powered accent lighting, that’s the perfect time to let Home Gas know! We will work with you to find the ideal outside gas lights to give just the right accent to your home.


There is a wonderfully magical and appealing quality to a seeing a dancing flame that triggers a sense of awe and wonder in all of us. Captivate your guests, friends and family with the beauty of a fire table in your outdoor area. What could be more relaxing and special than an opportunity to transcend time and worries with a glance into an engaging flame? Make this time yours with a fire feature such as this from Home Gas. We have several fire tables to chose from to create just the right fire gazing experience for you and yours.


Nest Lanterns are a wonderful way to accent any path or corner of your outdoor entertainment area. Amazingly, these fire features offer all the beauty and appeal of a dancing fire flame, yet remain cool enough to be completely touchable throughout the evening. Classic in their elegance and style, modern yet timeless, these Nest Lanterns will delight young and old in your home or business outdoor space.