Outdoor Living

There are many options to choose from for gas appliances to enhance your outdoor living experience. Tiki torches accent the patio space and beyond. Gas fire pit urns and tables are emerging as a quick way to create an inviting and captivating appeal to your outdoor entertainment area. Gas fire features are easy to light and control with just a flip of a switch. Outdoor kitchens are a great place to gather friends and family for cooking, conversing and relaxing with a delicious meal outside. Expand the usable living area of your home by creating an ideal outdoor kitchen or spa area in your backyard. You can keep it free of flying insects with a Mosquito Magnet. Interested in hearing more ideas to enjoy outdoor living here in Cayman? Explore the many gas options with Home Gas.


  • Pool & Spa Heaters

    There are many health benefits associated with pools and jacuzzis, heated to the perfect temperature with gas water heaters.

  • Grills

    Expect exceptional flavor and cost savings from grilling your food outdoors on a new gas grill from Home Gas.

  • Lighting & Fire Tables

    Are you a fire-gazer at heart? Then you'll love the captivating ambience created with tiki lighting and firepit urns & tables.

  • Mosquito Magnets

    The Mosquito Magnet effectively rids your outdoor area of pesky and potentially dangerous mosquitoes and other flying insects.