Bulk Installations


Bulk tanks are a convenient way to store propane to power homes and businesses. One tank can be sized to serve all of the home’s or business’ needs based on its total maximum load, measured in British thermal units (Btu), or multiple smaller tanks can be manifolded together.


An underground tank is safe, easy to maintain and affordable to install. Buried tanks offer key benefits to homes and communities. Propane is a low-carbon energy source that emits fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline or diesel. It is non-toxic and insoluble in water. It is not harmful to ground soil or water, and is the cleanest form of fuel burning energy available in the Cayman Islands.

These characteristics make storing propane underground in buried tanks especially appealing for home owners and businesses seeking an environmentally friendly, reliable energy to power their propane appliances. Underground tanks are aesthetically pleasing from a landscaping standpoint and having the tank placed underground also protects it in the event of a bad storm.

The tanks are prevented from corrosion with a cathodic protection system that uses anode bags buried with the tanks. Home Gas can easily access the buried tank through the tank fittings and connections located under the small dome lid that is placed just inches above the ground.

Metered gas distribution systems eliminate the need for individual propane tanks by each person's home.


For complexes with many homes, Home Gas is able to install a metered distribution system to individually supply each home with the amount of propane needed. The metered propane distribution system is supplied with propane from a single large tank or group of tanks. Locating the tanks safely below or above ground away from the individual homes or units is both aesthetically pleasing and efficient. The propane is distributed to each home through the use of underground gas lines, thus eliminating the need for individual smaller tanks.

Each home is billed for only the propane it uses each month, as indicated by their meter, which enables the cost of gas to be spread out over the year. The ample supply of propane fed from the distribution system means the customer won’t have to worry about running out of gas. Serving and filling the tanks from one location also reduces the number of propane deliveries within that complex or community.

Home Gas is able to provide a complete turnkey solution for a metered distribution system tailored to your specific community.