Water Heaters

Tired of running out of hot water when you need it? A tankless water heater provides continuous hot water for as long as it’s needed so your home or business will never run out of hot water again. Plus, a propane tankless water heater from Home Gas is the perfect energy efficient solution since gas tankless water heaters cost about 60 percent less to operate than standard electric units. The temperature can be quickly adjusted up or down, to your preference, so it’s always just right.

Space-saving tankless water heaters can either be mounted inside your home or on the exterior freeing up more square footage in your garage or laundry area. Direct-vent designed units can be installed closer to fixtures and appliances, saving on water consumption by shortening the distance the hot water has to travel.

Also, they’re better for the environment, giving off less than one-half the carbon dioxide emissions and reducing standby energy loss up to 20 percent. A condensing tankless water heater has an additional heat exchanger that traps that very last amount of heat that has been generated.  It is roughly 10% more efficient than a non-condensing unit.

Home Gas would be happy to find the right water heater solution for you. We also offer free estimates and consultation.

Tankless Water Heaters


An indoor tankless water heater will deliver endless comfort and the convenience of as much hot water as you need — whether for bathing, cooking, cleaning or doing laundry — for as long as it’s desired. Simultaneous uses at multiple fixtures are easy with a tankless water heater. Since a tankless water heater is only roughly the size of a carry-on suitcase, and can be mounted on any interior wall, the amount of floor space you will free up is considerable. The interior units can be vented through the roof or through the wall. If the unit is sidewall vented, the cost of venting will be kept to a minimum.


Outdoor tankless water heaters are very convenient because they require no venting, and in many cases, this can save you money when it comes to installation. The control pad for the unit will be installed inside your home or business enabling you easy access to control the unit. As with interior tankless water heaters, you can be sure the quality of heated water is the freshest possible since you no longer have to worry about stale water sitting inside a storage tank full of rust and sediment that has built up over time in a traditional tanked water heater. You will really warm up to the significant savings off your power bill as well — up to 60% less than an electrical water heater!


Tank Gas Water Heaters

You can still reduce your power bill quite a bit by having a tanked gas water heater installed by Home Gas. That’s because tank gas water heaters are more energy efficient and have a faster recovery rate than the similarly sized electrical units. It’s estimated that by buying an Energy Star high efficiency gas storage water heater, a family of four will save $65/year which will add up to a savings of more than $650 over the the 13-year typical lifetime of the water heater. Larger families can save even more. These units cost less than the tankless water heaters and so are more affordable to have installed so that you can begin reducing your power bill right away. Home Gas will work with you to provide free estimates and help you decide which of the water heating units are right for you and your family.