100lb Installations

100lb Cylinder system installations are the most basic form of propane systems. They are most commonly used by customers who run a single appliance, typically a stove, off gas. In some cases, customers with a stove and dryer might also consider a 100lb cylinder system. Due to a smaller volume, however, 100lb cylinder systems are unable to provide enough gas vapor to run tankless water heaters.

Because 100lb cylinders do not have gauges showing the level of remaining gas, Home Gas recommends installing a dual-cylinder system, which utilizes a tee check to allow customers to operate one cylinder at a time in order to avoid running out of gas unexpectedly. When one cylinder runs empty, customers can order a replacement while the system continues to operate off the other full cylinder.

Depending on the location of the installation relative to a customer’s appliances, the price of an installation may vary, but is usually in the range of CI$150-300 (not including the gas).

If you are interested in having a 100-lb cylinder system installed, please submit the form below and a representative will contact you with more details.