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Home Gas is a full-service propane company providing propane deliveries, appliances, and system installation and repairs. Whether you are building or renovating your home or business, or new to a place that already has a propane system, we can provide for all your gas needs. We will work closely with you from the initial planning stage, to installing a new or additional system, to repairing or maintaining your propane appliances to function at their highest efficiency.

Welcome to Home Gas

Our mission is to provide you with lots of affordable ways to reduce your energy costs by making the switch to propane . The professionally trained staff at Home Gas is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of service. Collectively, we have 300+ years of working experience in the propane industry. Your safety is our highest priority; we are fully committed to ensuring our customers have systems that are up to code so you can enjoy the benefits of propane with complete peace-of-mind.

On Grand Cayman, Home Gas is located at Citrus Grove on Goring Avenue, and our Plant is located at 490 Walkers Road. We have an office on Cayman Brac, and we maintain equipment and storage on Little Cayman for regular service and delivery.

We look forward to serving you and showing you the many affordable gas options to save you money off your power bill.


Sister Islands

Offering an innovative line of gas appliances, Home Gas is the leading provider of propane services in the Sister Islands and has been for the past 55 years. Home Gas offers a full range of gas-powered products including ranges, cooktops, generators, outdoor kitchens, barbecues, water heaters and more. Our products offer a clean source of energy that is environmentally responsible, and proven to lower your monthly power bill.

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