Home Gas’ community involvement is embraced at all levels of the company by our staff and management team. As a catalyst for change, the spectrum ranges far and wide for the kinds of things Home Gas does to champion the Cayman Islands remaining viable, affordable, enjoyable and sustainable going forward. We have many goals to assist our community – including everything from offering affordable energy solutions to helping people lower their power bills to supporting youth and adult sports and educational programmes for healthy minds and bodies.

The picture you see above? Those are students who aspire to be chefs in Cayman some day. These are the certificates they received for participating in the Home Gas Cayman Thanksgiving High Schools CookOff. Everyone knows professional chefs cook with gas, and that’s why Home Gas is proud to sponsor cookoffs such as these. We hope to see you at the next one.

Do you have a special event or programme that you would like Home Gas to sponsor or help fund? We would like to hear from you. Requests for funding are reviewed by our senior management and the Directors of Home Gas. Donations will be made to organizations that are designated as registered charities in the Cayman Islands. Charitable and non-profit organizations should be aware that applications for funding must be submitted on an annual basis for consideration. If you are interested in submitting a request for a donation or sponsorship, please use the form below.