• Kitchen

    Propane-fueled ovens and ranges give you greater control over the cooking process with precise temperature and even heat distribution. Gas kitchen appliances are available in all the latest kitchen designs. Plus, cooking with gas helps reduce your energy costs.

  • Laundry

    Gas dryers offer lots of energy-saving features - such as quickly reaching the temperature needed to dry clothes evenly. Their moist heat is gentler on fabrics, especially delicates, resulting in less wear and tear on your laundry compared to electrical dryers.

  • Water Heaters

    Tanked propane water heaters offer a quicker recovery and tankless water heaters heat and deliver water for as long as you need it. Both will lower your energy costs since operating costs with gas are typically about 50 percent lower than with electric.

  • Generators

    Home Gas carries a complete line of propane generators to produce the right level of power you need. Portable propane generators are typically powered with a 20-lb gas cylinder while standby generators usually wired directly into your home or business.

  • Outdoor Living

    Accent an outdoor living area with a fire feature, such as a fire pit table or urn, or a Nest Lantern, to create the perfect ambience for entertaining your guests.

  • AutoGas & Diesel Assist

    Clean burning propane can be used as auto gas fuel for increased performance and less engine maintenance.